Renaissance en Provence - Traditional Music of Southern France

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Renaissance en Provence
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In Provence, the landscape, the lifestyle and the music are all a world away from those in northern France. You can hear the Mediterranean influence, the Spanish and Arabic threads that run through the beautiful tapestry of Provencal culture. In the music, you sense the rhythms of the Gypsies and hear vocals reminiscent of Catalonia and Iberia. Emphasizing the close cultural and linguistic ties between Provence and Spain, this program combines passionate, gritty vocals with early guitars, viols, reeds and percussion to create an unforgettable concert experience with appeal to a diverse audience of early, traditional, and world music lovers.

This recording is the result of a competition for emerging artists, co-sponosred by Early Music America, the service organization for early music in North America, and The Dorian Group. The goal of the competition was to identify exceptional talent with major career potential and provide them with a venue for reaching an international audience, while also helping musicians from the Early Music community learn about the requirements of the recording process. More than eighty soloists and ensembles competed. Both artistic and marketing considerations were used to determine the winners.

Dorian and EMA are proud to present the first commercial recording of The Terra Nova Consort.

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  1. Bressarello audio clip [715 KB]
  2. Tout mon plus grand plasir
  3. La fe coumando de crčire
  4. Tu que cerques tei delice
  5. Lei pastourču
  6. Včnes lču včire la pičucello
  7. Li a proun de gčnt
  8. Je sais, vierge Marie
  9. Ai! la bono fourtuno
    Dialup [800 KB] High Speed [1.56 MB]
  10. Li a quaucarčn que m'a fa pňu
  11. A la ciéuta de Betelčn
  12. Que disčs, mei bon fraire
    Dialup [865 KB] High Speed [1.68 MB]
  13. Ai proun coneigu
  14. Adam e sa coumpagno
  15. Maire, lei campagno

Artistic Directors: Sue Carney and Patricia Maureen O'Scannell

Musical Director: Patricia Maureen O'Scannell

Arrangements: Pat O'Scannell with Sue Carney and The Terra Nova Consort

The Musicians:

Sue Carney: voz afilla alto, guitarria, alto kurmmhorn, tenor dulcien, soprano recorder, palmas

Nancy Elliott: Treble and bass viols, baroque guitar, alto recorder

Kay Hilton: voz natura soprano, castanets, palmas, tabor, tar, tambourines, wood block

Pat O'Scannell: voz facil mezzo soprano, alto shwam, tenor viol, sopranino and soprano recorders, bass krummhorn, goat nail shakers, palmas,

David Rogers: lutes, cittern, bass viol

With Special Guest Ethan James: hurdy-gurdy

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